Tribal Ranches Program

Oversees Navajo Nation Ranch lands by administering and ensuring all Tribal Ranch regulations and lease agreements are in compliance with Navajo Nation Law.  The Program also ensures that sufficient revenues are generated to pay taxes, land use fees, and the cost of administration, by assessing and ensuring grazing lease fees are paid in a timely manner.

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Application for Lease of Navajo Nation Ranches

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Navajo Nation Code 3 N.N.C. 501-511

Tribal Ranches carry out for land acquisitions pursuant to 16 N.T.C., § 1:
  • Consolidate Indian holdings in “Checkerboard” areas in the best interest of the Navajos residing in the area and the welfare of the Navajo Nation.
  • Provide grazing lands for members of the Navajo Nation who have valid grazing permits.
  • Provide additional and substitute lands for members of the Navajo Nation who reside in over populated areas of the Reservation.
  • Relieve Reservation land resources from excessive use, (if not due accepted Navajo range management practices).
  • Provide land necessary for approved Navajo Nation enterprises.
There are currently 25 Ranches, which are leased to Navajo individuals, livestock and grazing associations and livestock companies.  Twenty-two of these Ranches are located within New Mexico and three Ranches are located in Arizona.  The Tribal Ranches are:
1. Arviso
10. I.K. Westbrook
19. Venado
2. Henderson
11. Pitt
20. Tiis Tsoh
3. Berryhill
12. Mayfield
21. Rancho Largo
4. Bluewater
13. Nicoll
22. Blanco
5. Carrica
14. Retherford
23. Boquillas (AZ)
6. Chaco Canyon
15. Shaw
24. Peaks (AZ)
7. Elkins
16. Sims
25. Winslow Tract (AZ)
8. Eli Smith
17. Star Lake
9. Herrera
18. Vanderwagon
These ranches consist of approximately 1,513,907 total acres.


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